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"Plays Well With Others connects the dots between these points, stripping things back for simple country balladry or reveling in unusual combinations of chords for swirling, psychedelic effect." - Rolling Stone

But surprising might be what Lynn is going for here, as it feels like, with this album, she is trying to redefine completely the idea of duets. - Nylon

'"Lose Myself,” a smoky duet that makes the most of the pair’s undeniable vocal chemistry.' - Rolling Stone

"Lera Lynn dropped a duets album that is worth obsessing over." - Refinery 29

"The resulting album is diverse, yet anchored by Lera’s voice." - Americana Highways

"She remains the quiet center of gravity throughout the record thanks to her voice." - All Music 

"On Plays Well With Others, Lynn and her collaborators are obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Fortunately for the rest of us, they brought some excellent new songs into the world in the process." - No Depression

"Much like her previous efforts, Lynn’s fourth studio full-length is mounted with heightened tension and emotionally-charged exchanges. You hear these touchstones of familiarity throughout while still finding Lynn expand and explore new found territory—much of which can be attributed to the all-star cast of rootsy Americana acts she enlists on the darkly intimate and compelling Plays Well With Others."- Wide Open Country 

"...her gorgeous Emmylou-like voice which wraps itself around the varied tone of her collaborators..." - Uncut Magazine

 "Every tune is a keeper, and like the best artists, she leaves you wanting more." - American Songwriter

Lynn has long been a singular voice in roots music. Now, with a few new voices in the mix, hers somehow stands out more than ever. - NPR First Listen

"Lynn and White trade lines over minor-key strums of acoustic guitar while the music builds to an intense storm around them, mirroring the characters' likely futile attempts to preserve some sense of individuality – compelling evidence that Lynn and White are ideal creative foils." - Rolling Stone

"Pensive and brooding, Lynn and White beautifully wrap their voices around each other with sadness and resignation, trading verses and exchanging lines, and coming together in beguiling harmony." - Bruce Warren, World Cafe / WXPN

Lera Lynn Readies New Album 'Plays Well With Others' - American Songwriter

"The record embraces the darker and more provocative side to Lynn's songwriting...""Resistor," and especially its almost punky, upbeat opening tune, "Shape Shifter" – is much different from her nameless alter ego's, often trafficking in similar moods of melancholy and hurt but with an evocative Americana lift, and nowhere near as gloomy or grim. -OnMilwaukee 

"Her striking new album 'Resistor' contains moments that evoke the hallucinatory folk-rock of bands like the Cowboy Junkies, but the Nashville-based Lynn also shows that she can get bodies moving on upbeat songs like 'Drive.'" -Kansas City Star 

"Resistor, which dropped earlier this year, is considerably more rockin’, it maintains that ethereal, atmospheric quality. Lynn is poised to make a name for herself, so catch her while you can." -Sacramento News Review 

"Lynn is drawn to a moody muse. Her songs have roots in Americana, but her somber sentiments make comparisons to Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell almost inevitable." -Salt Lake City Weekly 

"A little bit country and a little bit goth-rock, with some glam pinup stuff going on and the overall attitude of a femme fatale who has grown bored of killing and would rather write songs full of ghostly longing instead."​ -Santa Fe New Mexican 

"She and Josh Grange, her musical collaborator and co-producer, spent countless hours in the studio making “Resistor,” her latest album. Their hard work paid off: The album received glowing reviews." -Winston-Salem Journal 

"Lera Lynn has a radiant smile that would light up any room and the Nashville based resident has plenty to smile about at these days. The past eighteen months has seen her career going into overdrive" -Lonesome Highway 

"The singer-songwriter opens for Folds with an ethereal performance, holding those lucky enough to arrive early in the palm of her hand." -Get Into This Liverpool Philharmonic Show Review 

"For Lera Lynn’s new video for her song “Shape Shifter,” the Nashville-based singer-songwriter wanted to avoid a straight-forward story, instead opting to let the viewer decide what’s going on." -Wall Street Journal Shape Shifter Video Premiere 

"Released nearly four months after the lead single first hit the internet, the clip finds the pair performing the off-kilter, anti-love song with cool detachment. " -Rolling Stone 

"Lera Lynn unveils casual 'Shape Shifter' video" -Billboard 

 "[Her} 14 song show that reinforces precisely why the young Texas-born Nashville resident is such hot property at present. She has the confidence and stage presence to engage and amuse a very attentive audience throughout the evening."   -Lonesome Highway Dublin Show Review 

"Certainly, it’s [Resistor] rich in atmosphere, Lynn and co-producer Joshua Grange evoking the kind of torchy, spectral noir that informs the best work of Cowboy Junkies or Mazzy Star. But there’s also a less tangible, sinister element at play here, as if everything has been tilted slightly off centre."  -Uncut Magazine 

"The subsequent ninety minutes rolled out to be a sublime showcase of her new album RESISTOR beautifully punctuated by several older tracks including the inevitable ones from her True Detective involvement."  -Three Chords and the Truth UK 

"She is really making a name for herself as songwriter and performer." -WXPN The Key Philadelphia 

"A steadily pulsing bit of timeless guitar rock, and a lot more colorful and in-your-face than the True Detective songs."   -Weekly Music Roundup NYC 

"Deep and lush, beautiful and completely engaging. Resistor becomes your mind state whilst you're listening, and that's a pleasure to experience." -Sputnik Music 

"The Way I Feel Inside brought a spontaneous and prolonged standing ovation. Absolutely perfect." -The Northern Echo Show Review 

"Lynn leaves a distinctly soulful impression." -Wall Street Journal 

"...there is a struggle to be won, a struggle to be heard, and it is one which she is winning." -Americana UK 

"BBC's Later... With Jools Holland to feature multi talented Lera Lynn!" -Maverick 

"this is proper honest talent." -Eastern Daily Press Review of Adnams Spiegeltent Show 

"Lynn's voice — a natural descendent of Hope Sandoval and Margo Timmins' woozy wails — wafts into the spotlight, singing songs that occupy the outer limits of Americana and indie rock."  -Rolling Stone 

"she is a multi-faceted artist, tapping into dark mystery in her lyrics and up-tempo barn-burners by turn." -Chronicle Live 

"The insistent "Drive" pushes forward with surf-rock guitar licks; the opening "Shape Shifter" explores a dark, "You make me want to hurt you" map of desire while building momentum with coproducer and guitarist Joshua Grange..." 

“The Texas native’s delivery…is alternately delicate and menacing, vulnerable and moody.”  -Paste Magazine 

"‘Resistor’ takes a different approach to her emotive music, focusing more on texture..." -Lisa Redford Unplugged 

"The record embraces the darker and more provocative side to Lynn's songwriting..." -Westmoreland Gazette 

"This beat, sometimes subdued and sometimes insistent, is a revelation for anybody who didn't hear 2014's excellent The Avenues, but even those fans may be surprised by how sleek large portions of Resistor are." - All Music 

"The heat is in lyrics about desire, pain, betrayal and revenge....And the cool is in languorous slow tempos, minor chords, ruthlessly laconic arrangements, guitar lines swathed in reverb and a voice that smolders a long time before it flares up." -New York Times 

"The time around she dismisses that approach, preferring to push boundaries and create challenging often unsettling music that encourages multiple spins to reveal its substantial pleasures. " -American Songwriter 

"....... the multi-instrumentalist has always been a shape shifter, constantly exploring her sound as one might examine the fretboard and grooves of a guitar on first inspection.." - Pasadena Voice 

"So completely unique that I can't' think of a single comparison." - No Depression 

"Lynn has a gift for sensory subtlety, and she uses it to get at emotional truths." - NPR Music First Album Listen 

With Resistor, her third LP that can be somewhat summed up by its first song, “Shape Shifter” and its ode to reinvention both sonically and thematically..." -American Songwriter 

"A musically upbeat rocker that redirects her darkness on the edge of town to the bright charm of the highway strip."​ - NPR 

"On the lead single "Shape Shifter" from her upcoming third LP Resistor, she morphs her sound, steering away from countrified licks straight into clever indie-rock bliss." -Rolling Stone